Smoke detectors

Oregon law requires ionization-only smoke alarms that are solely battery powered to now come equipped with a hush feature and a 10-year battery. Because of this technology, the national slogan "Change your clock, Change your battery" may now not apply to Oregon residents who have these ionization-only smoke alarms.

Other types of alarms are also being sold with either a 10-year battery or a standard-life battery.
Ensuring you have working smoke alarms in your home is the single most important step you can take to increase your family's safety from a home fire, Also, be sure to replace any smoke alarm that is 10 years old or older.

To test your alarm properly we recommend you:

  • Push the test button to be sure the battery is working.
  • When replacing batteries, follow the manufacturer's instructions for the correct battery type to use.
  • Always retest alarms after installing new batteries.
  • Replace any alarm that fails to operate after installing a new battery.
  • Inspect your alarms to determine if they are 10 years old or older, and replace any smoke alarm 10 years old or older. Look for a date on the back of the alarm. If there is no date, your alarm is more than 10 years old and should be replaced.
  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for regularly cleaning your alarms of dust and cobwebs.

Working smoke alarms provide a critical early warning to a fire, allowing you vital minutes to escape, which increase your chances of survival. Additional safety tips:

  • Install smoke alarms on every level of your home, in each bedroom, and outside each sleeping area (hallway).
  • Never disconnect or remove batteries from smoke alarms for other uses.
  • Use the smoke alarm's hush feature to silence nuisance alarms.
  • Make a home fire escape plan and practice it with family members.
  • Practice you home fire escape plan at least two times a year at different times of the day/night.
  • Children, older adults, and people with disabilities may need assistance to wake up and get out. Ensure that someone will help them.

For more home fire escape planning information visit:
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Hoodland Fire District #74 is committed to making your home safer!  If you are in need of a smoke dectector and cannot afford one, we will provide smoke detectors for residents homes in our district.
Please come by the Welches Main Station, 69634 E Hwy 26, Welches, OR, during business hours for more details. 

Need help getting your smoke detectors installed or changing batteries?   We can help you there too