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Smoke Alarms for People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Low Frequency Smoke Alarm
     A typical smoke alarm makes a high-pitched, piercing sound; however, for many people with hearing loss, this sound is beyond their hearing range. The low frequency smoke alarm is designed for people with high frequency or high pitch hearing loss. It provides a loud, low frequency tone which is much easier for people with hearing loss to hear.

Strobe Smoke Alarm
      This type of alarm has both a visual and an audible smoke alarm. The smoke alarm may be hard wired with a battery backup to maintain the audible alarm, or may be stand alone, battery powered, or may plug in to an electrical outlet. These alarms use a flashing strobe light to provide a visual alarm as well as an audible alarm.

Smoke Alarm with Bed Shaker
     A low frequency (audible), light or text (visual), and shaker (tactile) smoke alarm system. This type of alarm plugs in to an electrical outlet, and the shaker is placed under the pillow or mattress. It shakes when activated, produces an audible, low frequency alarm, and some models can also visually signal users of activation.

FPW Tip Sheet for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (English)FPW Tip Sheet for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (Spanish)
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