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What is a Special District?

Hoodland Fire District #74 is a Special District

Special districts are a form of local government. They are created by their constituents to meet specific service needs for their communities. Most perform a single function such as water delivery, fire protection, wastewater, cemetery maintenance, etc. Some, like county service districts, provide multiple services. 

A map of Oregon with numerous location markers forming what resembles a face with eyes, nose, and a mouth.

Types of Special Districts
• Airport
• Cemetery Maintenance
• County Service
• Diking
• Domestic Water Supply
• Drainage
• Emergency Communication
• Fire Protection
• Geothermal Heating
• Health
• Heritage
• Highway Lighting
• Irrigation
• Library
• Mass Transit
• Metropolitan Service
• Park and Recreation
• People’s Utility
• Ports
• Predator Control
• Radio and Data
• 9-1-1 Communications
• Road Assessment
• Sand Removal
• Sanitary
• Soil and Water Conservation
• Special Road
• Transportation
• Vector Control
• Water Control
• Water Improvement
• Weather Modification
• Weed Control

Special District Funding
Special districts are funded either through property tax revenues, fees charged to customers for services or a combination of the two.

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