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Open Budget Committee Position


The Budget Committee is comprised of 10 people: 5 Board members and 5 Community members. 

The time commitment involves attending two to four meetings a year for a 3 Year Term. The proposed budget is reviewed in March through June.

You must be a property owner or a registered voter in the Hoodland Fire District.

If interested, please email a letter of intent to or via mail to Hoodland Fire, 69634 E Hwy 26 – Welches, OR 97067

If you have any questions, please call 503-622-3256 or email 

Budget Committee Process:

The budget committee is made up of the governing body and an equal number of appointed registered voters of the local government. Members are appointed for three-year terms. The appointed members cannot be officers, agents or employees of the district. All members of the budget committee have equal authority. The budget committee has several purposes. It conducts public meetings to hear the proposed budget message and review the budget proposed by the budget officer. One of its most important purposes is to listen to comments and questions from interested citizens. It considers this public input as it deliberates on the budget. It can revise the proposed budget to reflect changes it wants to make to the local goverment's fiscal policy.