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Mountain Hazards - Are you Prepared?

DATE: Thursday September 26, 2019

TIME: 06:30 PM - 08:30 PM

LOCATION: Lions Club - 24730 Woodsey Way, Welches, OR 97067

Learn how you can take steps to protect your home and family. Join us to learn more about:

Flooding is a regular hazard along rivers and creeks in the Hoodland area with some Rivers, like the Sandy and Zig Zag, that can also have significant bank erosion due to channel migration. You don’t have to live in a mapped FEMA flood zone to qualify and benefit from having flood insurance.

Oregon is earthquake country and Hoodland has local earthquake faults in your backyard. Mount Hood has frequent seismic swarms, with a recent series happening just this summer.

The Cascades are a string of volcanoes that are part of the Pacific “Ring of Fire.” Mount Hood last erupted 250 and 1500 years ago and is still active today, although the threat of an eruption is low.

Wildland fires
Oregon’s wildland fires threat is increasing every year and all of eastern Clackamas County is at risk of future fires. How defensible is the space around your home and property?

Clackamas County Disaster Management's Website