2016-2017 Budget

For Budget Year 2016-2017, Hoodland Fire has a tax rate of $2.6385 per assessed $1000 value.  Hoodland Fire District #74 has a total valuation of over $900,000,000.00
Every Spring, a budget is submitted by the Fire Chief to Budget Committee for review and approval.  The Budget Committee is made up by the 5 Board of Directors and 5 people selected from the community.  Budgets run from July 1-June 30 of the following year. 

2016-2017 Hoodland Fire Budget Commmitee
Board Chairmain Cliff Fortune
Board Vice Chairman  John Pruden
Board Sec/Treasurer Pat Buckley
Board Member Ron Partlow
Board Member Darcy Lais
Budget Comm. Pos.1  (2015-2017) Larry Porter 
Budget Comm. Pos.2 (2016-2018) Gaynell Thornbrough
Budget Comm. Pos.3 (2015-2017) Shirley Dueber
Budget Comm. Pos.4 (1/2105-12/2016) Grethen McAbery
Budget Comm. Pos.5 (2/2016-12/2016) Dwight Pallander

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